About Reina

I love with my whole heart.  I see beauty in things most wouldn’t.  I have an old soul.

My idol growing up was Bob Ross (yep, the white dude with the afro and the squirrel!).  The way he made his visions come to life with paint and canvas amazed me.  I painted.  I drew.  I sketched.  Although my skill level will never touch Bob’s, I am content with that.  I still see my art as beautiful.

I’ve been photographing everything for almost 20 years.  15 of those years were spent with a cheap film camera, or a low grade digital.  Didn’t matter to me.  My images were art.  And my art was beautiful.

Fast forward to the past 5 years.  I developed my business, upgraded my equipment, and grew as a photographer.  Every day is another day to learn, to grow, to create.

That’s how I live life.  That’s also how I photograph.  Every session is a chance for me to grow.  To learn something new.  To try something I haven’t tried before.  You and your family are my subjects, and the world is our canvas.  Whether we are shooting at a $40 million dollar venue, or the alley between a 7-11 and a Walgreens…what we create together will be art, and it will be beautiful.

I reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my 2 daughters, Ariana and Ellie Sofia, and puppy, Enzo.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me an email 🙂