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Things are looking a lot fresher around here 🙂

I’ve never been able to commit to a brand.  I find myself changing them about once a year, because I get *bored* or outgrow it.  I’m always struggling to find something that fits me, but I think I’ve finally put it together 🙂

Watercolor painting is one of my favorite things…not only creating the painting, but I love all things watercolor patterned and printed.  It’s so fluid and pretty to me.  While searching for the perfect font for business, it dawned on me that I should paint it myself and REALLY make it mine.  So that’s just what I did.  It took me weeks to get the logo painted perfectly, and so many sheets of watercolor paper ended up in the trash…but it was all totally worth it for the final product.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a Wacom tablet yet (but will be getting one SOOOOON!!!) so I couldn’t digitally paint it.  The logo you see was real paint, real water, real brushes…scanned and copied on a printer and digitally altered to look the way it does now.  That makes it all the more special to me…that I handcrafted my own logo.

Flowers are another love of mine.  I’m a Spring baby, so I am in love with fresh blooms, the smell of pollen in the air, and lots of greenery <3 I own a ton of floral print outfit pieces and wear them year round, haha.  I’m just in love with them.  I could say they represent growth, as I’ve had many seasons in business, and have had lots of personal and professional growth, but I’ll keep it simple 😉

Here’s the logo in it’s raw form, as well as some of the final contenders.  It was so hard to pick, but I had a little bit of help.  I am absolutely in LOVE with it.  Rebranding is a total pain in the tush, as I have had to reorder brand new EVERYTHING!!!  But I am just drooling over it all and besides, who doesn’t love brand new things?!



Future clients, you will no longer be receiving a CD of images.  All images will be on a USB drive (if purchased) and I will be making the move to including and selling prints in my packages.

I want you to hang those images on your wall and not let them collect dust on a CD.  In 100 years, technology will change once again, but archival prints will last for a long, long, time (if not forever).  I’ll have introductory pricing for a little bit, and then I will jump into my *true* print pricing.  I truly think great photography is an investment and should be treated as such.  I love that you all share photos online and technology is truly a wonderful thing…but there is nothing greater than coming home and seeing those images hanging up.  Putting those photos of your sweet new baby in an album to share with them when they’re older.  Having high-quality prints to send to family.  Believe it or not, different print labs make different quality prints.   I’ll touch on that in a separate blog post soon <3

I hope you enjoy my new branding as much as I do 🙂

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