Cameron’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash! | Virginia Beach Child Photographer

Cameron is my first baby planner baby, and he’s finally graduated!  I can’t believe I’ve been photographing him since he was in his mama’s belly.  He turned 1 back in February, but due to the lovely weather here in Virginia, and conflicting schedules, it’s taken us months to get his first birthday session done.  I’m happy to say that it’s all done and it went a lot smoother than I predicted.


This was my first cake smash experience, and I can’t wait to do another one.  As much as we wanted him to dig his face into the cake, he wouldn’t!  He was so gentle and sweet picking the frosting off of the top with one finger 🙂 Eventually, he got to a point where we were chasing each other, he’d stop, run back to the cake, grab a fistful and jam it into his mouth, then continue running and playing with me.  This kid is a riot 😛 A few people brought their dogs to the area, and Cam was thrilled to be able to pet them.  He was so sweet with them!


Thank you to the Stogner Family for having me as your photographer for the past 2 years.  I’m elated that we get to do it all over again, since sweet Cameron will be a big brother by the end of the year!!! 😀


P.S. Are his Toms not the cutest little shoes you’ve ever seen?!





Cam, you WOULD smile while we’re setting up your cake!!!  Lol, this little ham 🙂

Sweet baby lost his balloon.  Thankfully, the cake was enough of a distraction for him not to cry.  A nice guy tried to jump and catch it for us, but it was a few inches too high 🙁

I LOVE this kid.  These smiles melt my heart!

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