Getting Grandparents in the Picture | Family

I don’t typically get grandmas to come to my family sessions.  But this past Sunday, I had the honor of having TWO grandmas, both with their first grandsons.

My first session, a newborn session for baby Judah…Tina came over to help with the session and I can’t thank her enough.  She absolutely adores her new grand baby and was so helpful, patient, and all around amazing!!!  Watching her rock and soothe him moved me…I wanted him to have images of his grandma rocking him.  I wanted to preserve the moments of them gazing at each other.  Because little ones don’t stay little for very long.   Tina wasn’t prepared for pictures, but I got a few candids and some posed ones too 😀 that made me so happy.  I love how much she loves her grand babies and her own babies.


I’ve always been fascinated at my own family pictures.  I’d go over them time and time again…I can probably tell you each picture I have of me with my grandma, because the amount is SO small.  I know photography isn’t the top priority on a lot of people’s lists of things to have…but as a photographer I’m telling you.  It’s important.  Whether it’s an iPhone picture, a professional photo, whatever.  Grandparents are often the most influential and important people in a child’s life, and they should hop in a picture with their grand babies as often as possible 🙂 things happen in the blink of an eye, and you don’t want to live in a world of ‘I should’ve taken that picture when I had the chance’.  I absolutely wish I had more images of my grandma…she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a long time ago, and passed away when I was just 13.  I never got to get to know her, but I can tell just from the few photos that I have of her holding me that she loved me.  I’m blessed to have those memories preserved.

My second session for Zaire, his ‘Lola’ was absolutely adorable with him.  Something about the way these little boys were staring at their grandmas that day made my heart melt.


That little boy is in complete love with his Lola.  Even with both parents at the session, he would only smile and giggle for her.  She adores him so much, and I’m so happy that I got to see them interact with each other so beautifully and catch it all on camera.  He’ll have these pictures forever.

If you have a family or baby session coming up, I urge you to bring grandparents along.  I promise you won’t regret it. <3


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