Hospital Stays… | Personal


My youngest daughter, Ellie, has to be admitted to the hospital for another small procedure this coming Monday.  While she is excited (she likes that they give her popsicles, haha), mama is not.  We will be in the hospital for a couple of days for monitoring, and then we should be back on Wednesday.

I will officially be out of the office starting the night of Sunday, August 9th until the night of Wednesday, August 12th.  I will try to remember to put an ‘out of the office’ auto-reply on my emails, but please please please do not get discouraged if you do not hear from me until Wednesday.

Any sessions that have been completed will be available tomorrow, and unfinished sessions will continue to be worked on upon our return home.  I try not to let personal life interfere with professional life, but I did want everyone to be informed <3

Here’s to a good outcome on Monday, and hopefully no more hospital stays for a while!


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