Jayden. | Hampton Roads Child Photographer 

I’ve been photographing Jayden for 5 years now, and every time I see him he’s more handsome and as sweet as ever.  I’ve been friends with his mama since middle school, and I cannot be more proud of her for raising such a polite boy. Jayden is going places ❤️

Our session was full of laughs, video game discussions, and sunshine ☀️

*note – a certain infant son of mine may or may not have gotten pooped on by a bird at our session.  On his forehead.  I may or may not have photographic evidence for his wedding slideshow…*

Jayden -1Jayden -6Jayden -8Jayden -10Jayden -13Jayden -17Jayden -18Jayden -20Jayden -25Jayden -27Jayden -32Jayden -33Jayden -34Jayden -37Jayden -41Jayden -43

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