Missing Summertime… | Virginia Beach Gender Reveal Session

Sooo…this post is late.  Like SUPER late (the gender reveal baby?  yeah, I’m about to do his 3 month session this month).  We’re not going to talk about how much I suck at blogging.  Let’s talk about how much I miss summer 🙂

This VA weather has been outrageous lately!!!  Mid 70s one day, 30 and sleeting the next.  The same vicious cycle for weeks.  Virginia girl, I’m over you.  We all are.  I have beautiful people to photograph soon so you need to get your act together!

Now onto the gender reveal!  Out of all of the maternity sessions I’ve had, I’ve never had the opportunity to do a gender reveal session.  I loved it, and I would love to do it again!  For this session, we literally had 20 minutes before it started storming.  I’m talking downpour, lightning, thunder…the whole 9.  I’m sure the people walking outside thought we were nuts, flying through cutting the cake, family pics, and then running for cover to do our blowing glitter shot, hahaha.  Even though our session was short-lived, I’m happy with it.  I swear, there’s never a dull moment in photography 😉


It’s a BOY!!!


LOVE this pic!!!


Everything was cute until all hell broke loose, haha.


Sparkly <3


*note to self: check the weather before wearing hair straight to a session.  You WILL leave looking like you got mauled!


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