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soooooooo…we’re still at the hospital.  What was supposed to be an overnight stay has turned into a tentative 3 night stay.  I want to complain about going home, but I’m actually really grateful for Ellie having such a thorough surgeon that wants to observe her a couple more days.

She didn’t have surgery by the way, but he ordered this stay 🙂

This trip has been hard on both Ellie and I.  Having to get an ng tube placed in her nose was stressful…I burst into tears when I heard her screaming and fighting 🙁 it’s literally a 30 second process, but really – a tube going from your nose to your stomach doesn’t sound like a fun time.  On top of that, she couldn’t have any solid food for 2 days.  Clear liquids only.  Being pregnant, I had to force myself to eat…I felt like a monster for eating in front of my very hungry kid.  She took it well, though!!  I would’ve been crying if someone ate in front of me, lol.

She got her ng tube out last night, and has been able to eat whatever she’s wanted since (within reason of course).  Started off with small things as to not upset her tummy, and this morning they brought her pancakes that she devoured 🙂 we are in much better spirits today, and pray to be released tomorrow.

The nurses have been so sweet to us. 

She got to pick a toy for getting her ng tube in, so she chose a puzzle ❤️ that smile was a forced one :/ 
After we got it removed we celebrated with a game of air hockey.  Her look of concentration kills me, lol.

Excited waiting for her first solid meal!!  A turkey sandwich has never tasted so good ❤️

Here’s to nothing but good results today, and going home tomorrow!

And btw – putting your 6 year old in diapers is quite the experience.  Really.   She’s handled everything with so much grace, though ❤️


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