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I absolutely love Red Thread Sessions.

When I found out about this organization, that lets professional photographers donate their time and talents to adoptive families, I had to join.  How could I not?

All of my sessions through RTS have been incredible.  The stories behind these families, the trials and triumphs, the journeys to far away countries to finally bring their babies home…it leaves me in awe (and so often, in tears!).  I feel so blessed to be chosen by these families to document a part of their adoption story.

Recently, the Bailey family contacted me for a Red Thread Session.  Daphne and I met at a park with her son Brandon, and scoped out a location together.  She was so sweet and I just knew that we were going to have the perfect session together!  Brandon wasn’t too sure about me, but towards the end of our meeting I had him smiling and talking to me.  I was so excited to photograph them on the one year anniversary of his Gotcha Day <3

The day of our session couldn’t have been more perfect.  The sun was perfect, the weather was beautiful, and the bugs were forgiving (I think I escaped with only 3 mosquito bites!).  We had a million people on the trails, but many were very gracious and gave us our space.  All in all, a beautiful session.

My favorite part of the day was when Brandon held my hand when we were walking to our cars.  I’m pretty sure my heart melted all over the place <3

Here’s a look at our session!  If you or someone you know is adopting in the Hampton Roads area, I would love to donate a session to you via Red Thread Sessions.  Please visit their site for more information:


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