The Ellari Experience

I love what I do, and I love what I create.

When you book with me, you’re not just paying someone to take your pictures.  You’re investing in my imagination, my vision, and beautiful artwork to display for years to come.  Just as you’re investing in me, I’m investing in you as well!  I love building a good rapport with my clients, and love following their lives over the years.  Nothing makes me happier than to have repeat clients that believe in me, my business, and supporting my growing family.

I want the booking, shooting, and delivery process to be as streamlined as possible for my clients, and am working everyday on perfecting that.  Nothing is perfect yet, but it’s getting there!  Customer service is everything for a business, and I strive to have the best of the best.  I want you to feel confident and happy when you set up an appointment with me, and for you to walk away overjoyed with your new portraits.  I want you to come back for more, and to really be a part of the Ellari Family.  It is ever expanding, and there’s always room for more <3

Right now, my focus is on newborn, babies, and families.  These are the sessions that pull at my heartstrings the most, because 9 times out of 10 I’ve watched (and photographed!) these new babies grow into adventurous toddlers, and am continuing to document their lives as they grow into big kids.  I truly do fall in love with your babies, and they end up loving me back 🙂 that relationship/bond translates through my lens, and always results in stellar images.  My love for photography extends so much farther than just ‘taking pictures’…it’s getting to know someone’s story, getting to hold your new babies, and getting to build new relationships with each new client.

I do hope that you’ll join me on my adventure, and that you become a part of the experience.