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I’ve been in a rut for the past few months.  The weather had a lot to do with it…I’m not a cold weather person.  At all.  I thrive in warm sunlight, fresh green grass, and beautiful full trees.  I CLEARLY need to move to Miami 😉

This week the weather has been wonderful, so I decided to take my little Ellie girl out for some test shots of a new location.  I found this beautiful graffiti wall near my house and have been itching to get there and shoot!  Glad it happened today.

We didn’t get to do much…she was scared of the dragon on the wall (5 year old logic) and wanted to pick ‘dappadils’ instead.  So we left to go to a park close by and pick flowers (and photograph them too!).

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She was pretty much over me at this point.  She was on the verge of tears.  My poor kiddo.

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Only my child would make ‘duck lips’ while blowing dandelion seeds.  Lawd, I love her.

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